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G-Squared performs LiDAR collection, aerial photography, airborne and ground GPS survey, digital orthophotography, topographic mapping, image processing, and Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions for clients throughout the United States. Clients include engineering firms, counties, municipalities, airports, utilities, universities, and the Tennessee Department of Transportation. G-Squared was founded in Huntsville, AL in 1999, and is an Alabama Limited Liability, and is in its 19th year of operation.

G-Squared provides photogammetric mapping services to private and government agencies. As a medium-sized company, we are proud of our reputation for:

  • Personal service
  • Low overhead, low cost
  • Unique solutions

News & Events

  • Upcoming Events

    MAPPS Conference  – This event will be July 22nd – 25th in Charleston, South Carolina.

    AATA Conference – This event will be June 10th – 14th in Orange Beach, Alabama.


TNGIC Board Member

Zach Galyen, project manager at G-Squared, has recently been elected as a Tennessee Geographic Information Council board member. This organization’s purpose is to strengthen communication between local government agencies. Through conferences, presentation, and academic involvement, TNGIC helps to create dialog amongst the GIS community. This of course facilitates the spreading of new ideas and techniques as well as technological advancements. Most important of all, the level of openness in this community helps prevent duplication of data. This group does great job bringing this geospatial community together and G-Squared is happy to be involved.

More information about TNGIC can be found on their website

AATA Conference

G-squared will be attending the Alabama Association of Tax Administrators Conference coming up in June! We’re always glad to help sponsor this event and we certainly enjoy all the familiar faces as well as the new ones. This conference is always more like a family reunion than anything and it’s always a great mixture education and fun. We’ll see you there.

As a reminder, we will be hosting the 27th annual Solomon Tisdale Golf Tournament. Call the office or email for more information and to RSVP.




G-Squared will be attending the MAPPS conference in July. The MAPPS group is an association of photogrammetry, mapping and geospatial firms. This has done a lot of great work for the industry as a whole and we enjoy being a part of it.

GIS of Alabama Conference

G-Squared is going to the GIS of Alabama conference next week. The GISA is a collaboration of multiple Alabama agencies whose purpose is to find the best ways to utilizes spatial data. Spatial data has become extremely important over the years and its usefulness keeps expanding into many different facets of life. It’s crucial to have programs that bring the users of this kind of data together so innovative ideas can flourish. It’s a never ending learning experience when dealing with geographic data!


G-Squared Presentation at Local South Lincoln Elementary School Career Day


With a steadily growing demand for GIS and Geospatial data, I feel it’s important to inform our nation’s youth on how applicable these things are and will be.

I was proud to explain to the students what it is we do at G-Squared. The students were intrigued and engaged which was expected considering the interesting world of geospatial data. The student’s desire to know more made the day all the more enjoyable. Most students however seemed to have different future aspirations beyond aerial survey and mapping. It was nice to let all the students know that geospatial data has a place no matter what you do. The possibilities are endless so long as a younger generation is thinking geospatially.

G-Squared Hospitality Event

G-Squared is hosting a hospitality event during the 2018 AAAO winter conference. We will send out more information for this event soon. Dress casually and enjoy the snacks, drinks and entertainment. We promise you don’t want to miss this! Make a quick appearance or stay for a bit. It’s up to you!

All AAAO members are welcome and if you have any questions or want to RSVP, give me a call at 931-652-7130

  • Zach
Snow day at G-Squared!!

Team Member Accomplishments

This month G-Squared recognizes Amanda Malone for not only several years of dedicated service, but a recent achievement as well. She has recently earned her certified photogrammetric certificate from the ASPRS.  We value continued education here and nothing makes our day like another employee certification to hang on the wall. Good job Amanda!

amanda malone
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Our very own Cathy McPherson and Christy Smith have set up an excellent October display for the Office. A special thanks to them and to the Lincoln County Future Farmers of America for donating the display items. These displays are always a beautiful reminder that flying season is just around the corner.

G-Squared produces high quality maps while keeping our clients informed. We take the necessary steps to stay current with changes in the industry and always have a desire to know more. If you have any questions regarding the content of this site, give me a call or send an email to