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G-Squared performs aerial photography, airborne and ground GPS survey, digital orthophotography, topographic mapping, image processing, and Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions for clients throughout the United States. Clients include engineering firms, counties, municipalities, airports, utilities, universities, and the Tennessee Department of Transportation. G-Squared was founded in Huntsville, AL in 1999, and is an Alabama Limited Liability, and is in its 18th year of operation.

G-Squared provides photogammetric mapping services to private and government agencies. As a medium-sized company, we are proud of our reputation for:

  • Personal service
  • Low overhead, low cost
  • Unique solutions

News & Events

G-Squared will be attending the MAPPS 2017 winter conference in Palm Harbor (Tampa), Florida on January 13-17. MAPPS is an association of mapping and photogrammetry firms and was established in 1982. The events hosted by MAPPS are among the best when it comes to new information relating to the mapping industry. For more information about MAPPS and the conference, check out their website at


G-Squared will also attend the Association of Alabama Tax Administrators (AATA). This event will be held in February 19-21 in the Montgomery, Alabama Renaissance Hotel. More information about the AATA events can be found here

G-Squared will be attending the 2016 Memphis Area Geographic Information Council (MAGIC) conference on November 16th – 17th. The location and registration information for this event can be found on the MAGIC website . Here at G-Squared, we understand the importance of staying involved in the GIS community. We strive to stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with the latest GIS news, and also by staying aware of the future potential of GIS. We enjoy meeting new faces so if you’re going to the MAGIC conference this year, stop by the booth and get to know us!


Eddie Kelly, Bobby Berry, and Zachary Galyen representing the G-Squared team at the 35th annual 2016 AAAO Conference.

G-Squared is pleased to announce that Greg Jackson has earned his “Certified LiDAR Technologist” from ASPRS. Frank Taylor, Production Manager for G-Squared served as his mentor and test proctor. Congratulations Greg!!


G-Squared’s Frank Taylor, CP, RPS is appointed by the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) to represent the organization on the National Council of Examiners for Engineers and Surveying (NCEES) Participating Organizations Liaison Council. Mr. Taylor is the current Assistant Director of the Professional Practice Division of ASPRS. He also participated in the “NCEES Future of Surveying Forum” held in San Diego. This meeting was held to “…identify key elements and strategies to strengthen the future of the surveying profession.”

From G-Squared’s Frank Taylor at the East TN GIS Forum:

Drones: The future has arrived.

Yes, Drones are making their way into daily use for surveying and mapping projects. Many firms have received their Section 333 permit and have even completed commercial projects. The FAA guidelines have been published but the regulations have not been finalized. This will not happen until 2016 or possibly 2017.

However, the “future” has arrived in the form of the operator. At this year’s East Tennessee GIS Forum, I sat in on a presentation given by an 11th grade high school student, Austin Ramsey. From a professional standpoint, his presentation was better than many I have seen given at various technical conferences I have attended. his enthusiasm and knowledge of drones and their potential applications were top notch. This is the type of individual the industry needs and we need to do our best to nurture and mentor our young members, they are our future. This year’s forum was held at the Eastman Lodge in Kingsport, TN. Many thanks to David Light and his team for putting together a great forum.

…and from the ASPRS – UAS Reno Conference

Drones: Accuracy Reality Check

At the recent ASPRS UAS – Reno Conference many of the presentations made reference of Drones achieving a 2cm horizontal accuracy. While it is apparent that flying below 400′ AGL, the resulting imagery resolution achievable is that of 1cm to 2cm GSD. However, the horizontal accuracy, based on the ASPRS 2014 Accuracy Standards, is in reality in the range of 7.5cm to 10cm. The new accuracy standards, as pointed out by Dr. Qassim Abdullah (one of the authors of the new standards), state the ground control must be 4X more accurate than the referenced map accuracy scale. For a 2cm horizontal accuracy, the ground control must be accurate to 0.50cm which is not possible with standard GPS survey methods. To achieve this level of accuracy, the ground control costs could exceed $1500 per point which is cost prohibitive for a given UAV project. For a horizontal accuracy of 7.5cm to 10cm, the ground control would be required to meed a 2.5cm accuracy level which is still expensive but is more realistic.

The conference attendance was down slightly but it was another spectacular event. The presentations were great and the vendors were able to showcase the latest advances in the ever-changing world of micro-electronics and UAVs.